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USB Virtual 7.1-Channel Sound Adapter

USB Virtual 7.1-Channel Sound Adapter
Brand: Hoter
Product Code: 2XHD-1025
MSRP: $17.99 (USD)
Price: $2.85 (USD)

Product Description

The USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter is a portable sound controller that can add 3D sound to any PC equipped with a USB port.
The device is small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand and light for easy transportation. It is also easy to use - simply plug the device into a spare USB port and it provides instant, high-quality audio via speakers or headphones. It produces a superior sound to its 5.1 predecessor.
 Complaint with USB 2.0 full-Speed Specification
 Complaint with USB Audio Device Class Specification 1.0
 Compliant with USB HID Class specification1.1
 Include Xear 3D,the virtual 7.1 channel sound simulation software for    Windows XP/Vista 98se/ME/XP/2000/2003/Linux, Mac OS

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