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VENI MASEE Men's Dri Fit Tight Long Sports Pants, Black

VENI MASEE Men's Dri Fit Tight Long Sports Pants, Black
Product Code: 2JSY-1014
MSRP: $26.99 (USD)
Price: $18.99 (USD)

Product Description

Measurements Information (inch/pound):

M: 4"11 to 6"11 inches, 90 to 165 pounds

L: 4"11 to 6"11 inches, 165 to 210 pounds



All the great things you've heard about VENI MASEE, is now available in men's wear! This physique-improving, game-changing, seaming undershirt is designed with cooling features and compression zones that transforms the torso and chest. You'll look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger in your clothes.

Made for men, the heavy gauge microfiber VENI MASEE spandex knit is cut to match the contours of your body and stretches with you in all directions while providing elegant support and firm hold in the lower abdomen, the pelvic region, the buttocks and your tight muscles. Made to be comfortable all day long, and provide you with better circulation and comforting relief from injuries related to the lower back, quadriceps, groin muscles, and pulled hamstrings. Lined with cotton to absorb perspiration. Pouch crotch design for perfect fit.

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