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Hoter Brain Teaser Woden Puzzles, Animal Puzzles For Kids, PCS/Price

Hoter Brain Teaser Woden Puzzles, Animal Puzzles For Kids, PCS/Price
Brand: Hoter
Product Code: 2PZL-1012
MSRP: $12.78 (USD)
Price: $6.61 (USD)

Product Description

Product Features:
>> lovely fashion woodern puzzle
>> helpful to learning number and ABC
>> safe and simplly operation
>> brain teaser puzzle
>> environmental materails

Model: 2PZL-1012
Brand: Hoter
Size: 26pcs
Type: Woodern puzzle(with number and letter)
Materail: Good quality wood
Weight: 0.36kg
Recommended age range 2 years and up

1. Cultivate children's logical thinking ability and space imagination
2. Improve hand-eye coordination and observation
3. Learn how to solve problems and build confidence
4. Different kinds of designs
5. Self Adhesive - No Cutting - No Water - No Mess
6. Hours of fun and enjoy moment

Function Of Playing Puzzle:
1. The spatial intelligence
Cultivate children's cognitive colour, line, shape, form and space, and in the present in the brain and expression
2. Fine movement
Train children's coordination, for writing, painting skills
3. Language ability
Cultivate children's pronunciation, the vocabulary and oral ability
4. Introspective ability
Cultivate correct understanding, through their own consciousness to examine the words and deeds
5. Attention
Cultivate children's focused behavior custom, to devote to the studying of essential elements after school age.
6. Logic thinking
Cultivate children's logic reasoning, scientific analysis ability

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