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CATO™ Weighted 1.35kg 2 Line Foam Covered Exercise Hula Hoop, Red + Yellow

CATO&#8482 Weighted 1.35kg 2 Line Foam Covered Exercise Hula Hoop, Red + Yellow
Brand: CATO
Product Code: 2HOP-1007
MSRP: $59.99 (USD)
Price: $26.49 (USD)

Product Description

Product Features:
>> Rapis assembly 6 piece design for convenience in transport and storage with the exquisitely designed box
>> Weighted design (1.35kg / 92 cm diameter)
>> emhances workout benefits
>> Helps naturally firm and tone the waist and abdomen
>> High quality soft EVA Foam padding for improved comfort

Brand: CATO
Weight: 1.35kg/3.57lbs
Diameter: 92cm/36"
Material: PP + Double Line Eva Foam

Hula hoop is a popular fitness appliance that helps burn calories, build core strength, develop balance and coordination and even improve your mood. You can use it to lost weight when watching TV, listening to music and reading books at the same time.

The CATO Foam covered Exercise Hoop features covered with soft eva foam which reduce impact during exercise. Toning and firming your midriff and bottom.

The massage hula hoop can improves spine muscles, increases blood circulation and helps you to keep in shape. Exercise 20-30 minutes daily with this massage hula hoop, you will see good results in a few weeks.

*This hula hoop is so big that is not recommended for arms.
*Enough space is needed or you may break things.
*Make sure that the hoop is assembled tightly before exercise.
*Do not use the hoop if you are a pregnant woman or an old person or if your joints, back or waist is not in good condition.
*Hula hoops sometimes cause discomfort at the very beginning. Don't hoop too intensely at first and Increase exercise intensity step by step.

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