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VENI MASEE Sportline Knee Support, Knee pad

VENI MASEE Sportline Knee Support, Knee pad
Product Code: 2KWI-1005
MSRP: $9.49 (USD)
Price: $4.99 (USD)

Product Description

Product Features:
>> Compression fabric holds the pad firmly in place and keeps muscles warm to prevent pulls and fatigue
>> Ideal for all athletic protection
>> Can be wear from both sides
>> An excellent primary knee let protection

Product description
Model: VENI MASEE 0635 anti-collision knee pad
Material:25% elastic nylon 75% rubber foaming
Size: Length:25CM Width:35CM-45CM
Color: Black,
Feature: It has a complete adjuctive Velcro, which can better provide fixture force for the knee. Two-sided nylon material can better provide physical therapy. About VENI MASEE:
VENI MASEE has great variety of products which are high-quality and competitive. The products with different prices make you have many choices. As a professional sports products manufacturer, VENI MASEE always works for the development of sports products and continually develops marketable and high-quality products which are welcomed by consumers.

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