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HOTER® Luxury Diamond Bag Iphone 4 Case - Blue

HOTER® Luxury Diamond Bag Iphone 4 Case - Blue
Brand: Hoter
Product Code: 2IAC-2064
MSRP: $11.99 (USD)
Price: $7.99 (USD)

Product Description

Product Features:
>> Special luxury party bag design makes your iphone be another look
>> Catch other's attention
>> various color for your choice

HOTER® Luxury Diamond Iphone 4 Hard Case - Pink

The original luxury loss's authorization, luxuriant, senior supreme honor shining lacquer that bake electroplating process, Swarovski professional custom, and quantity is limited, limited sale.
This money back shell adopts 6 layer sports car lacquer technology, color is very positive, unique.
Suitable for: iPhone 4

IAC devotes itself to provide you all the better and more completed accessories. With grace style, sweet style and bling style's case, completed usage's wire, multifunctional car stand, holder, game holder, acoustic loud-speaker can meet all your different needs. And it also makes your iPhone and iPad be more colorful. With it on your iPhone and iPad, you will be spot line in public.

About Hoter Brand:

H`o`ter which means good luck and auspicious in Germany. It is a new brand which adopt German standard quality control system and make all its products professional and good quality. They assure all of their products through strict quality control of German standard system. H`o`ter men just try their best to give customer the best quality and the service all over the world. Hoter means complete quality, when you buy Hoter products, you are buying the ultimate in performance and item life.

As our Hoter Brand products uses systematic quality control, we don't have any reseller for our brand products except the original Hoter brand supply. AWDEAL is only the Hoter brand sale distributor, so if other seller use the brand intentionally, we would not be responsible for any issues may occur of fakes.

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